Sour Sundae THC 22%

Caregiver Grown - indica dominant hybrid
Sour Sundae is an elite hybrid, taking an Ultra Sour from the East Coast and pairing her Colorado’s smooth and creamy Sundae Driver. Sour Sundae has kept the wonderful tart terpene profile of Ultra Sour. You can taste these sour flavors that she blends with subtle notes of pine and diesel. The Sundae side of her family rounds it all off perfectly with a nice touch of creaminess and more sweet and fruity notes. Sour Sundae gives you a clear, uplifting and energetic head high that she combines with a heavy body high—though not so heavy that it is couch-locking. With this combination, she acts as a wonderful strain that you can enjoy at any time, perfect for daytime when you still want to function but also excellent for smoking at night if you want to relax, watching a movie or for having a good time with some friends.
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