RSO 1g Syringe

RSO - hybrid
If you're researching medical marijuana you'll eventually stumble on Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). For the uninitiated, Rick Simpson Oil is a type of concentrated indica THC oil that was concocted by Rick Simpson to treat his skin cancer. What is Rick Simpson Oil? Rick Simpson Oil is typically made with indica or indica-dominant hybrid strains. It's considered a full-spectrum extract that can contain a lot of THC and CBD. RSO is made by reducing the plant matter in alcohol, which helps concentrate the cannabinoids and essentially makes the oil stronger. Simpson doesn't advocate for smoking his concoction; he instructs people to either eat it (or place it on the lower gum line and let it dissolve over a few minutes) or apply it directly to the skin. Rick Simpson OilSave RSO is known for its pitch-black color The taste of the oil is described as bitter and chlorophyll-like. As for dosage, it's recommended that people begin with three doses a day (every eight hours) of doses that are quite small (around the size of half a grain of rice). Beginners should start with a quarter of a drop and see how it affects them before ingesting more.
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