Super Sour Skunk THC 15%

Caregiver Grown - hybrid
This gem is the result of a cross-pollination of a pre-98 Super Skunk clone and an East Coast Sour diesel, which gives Super Sour Skunk an incredible parentage to live up to and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. This is a potent little bud that lifts the spirit and eases the body of all of its daily woes. With an average range of 10% to 15% THC, this isn’t a particularly strong strain, though the high will have you buzzing around in an ultra-happy state after just a couple of hits. These buds come out an eye-catching olive green and purple, punctuated by purple and orange hairs and a thick layer of sticky white trichomes. If the appearance of these little beauties didn’t draw you in the classic aromas and true to their parentage flavors certainly will. With the best of both parents coming out in its blend of flavors, users can indulge in the sour citrus and earthy flavors and skunky sweet and lemon aromas. Many describe this high as a slightly sedative, yet surprisingly upbeat experience with a strong come down that lulls you into a heavy sleep. The first wave of energy is accompanied by clear-headed thoughts and blissful motivation, which over the course of the long-lasting high will change to a slightly more weighted body calm. This soothing feeling overtakes you and makes it nearly impossible to get anything done. While your brain is telling you all these amazing new ideas, your body is telling you it’s time for bed.
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